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A research program dedicated to understanding how different parts of the brain work together to bring about the wide range of human mental operations. We combine modern functional neuroimaging methods with mathematical modeling to characterize the changes in brain network dynamics related to awareness and learning, and show how these dynamics change in normal aging and different clinical conditions. 



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Dr. Randy McIntosh

Dr. Randy McIntosh



My research program is geared towards the development of a unified theory of brain operation that emphasizes the integrative capacity of the brain. One tenet of the theory is that cognitive operations emerge from the interactions between brain areas rather than being the sole responsibility of single regions. The program has two related arms: one to do with technical developments to explore brain integration, and the other is the collection of empirical evidence  for this integration. 

I take an open science approach to all of my research endeavours based on my strong belief that science is meant to be collaborative, not siloed. And it is through our concerted effort that we will unravel the complexities of the brain.