SfN Poster Sneak Peak

SfN Poster Sneak Peak 


If you are not planning to attend the Society for Neuroscience conference or if you are just too anxious to see the research that lab members will be bringing to present - today is your lucky day! Here is a sneak peak at the poster presentations planned for SfN in San Diego, CA.

Conveniently, all posters are scheduled to be presented on
Monday Nov 5
Session 340

Additionally, throughout the conference, we can be conveniently be found in the non-profit exhibition area at The Virtual Brain booth 4416. Please come by and say hi!

TITLE: Toward a Standard Network Model of Music Improvisation

PRESENTER: Sarah Faber
Board LLL36 | 340.08


TITLE: Effects of fMRI Preprocessing on functional connectivity in Children and Adolescents with and without autism spectrum disorder

PRESENTER: Amanda Easson
Board LLL38 | 340.10


TITLE: Creating a Macaque Connectome for Large-Scale Network Simulations in The Virtual Brain

Board LLL40 | 340.12


TITLE: Relationship of Brain States and Music Perception using Uniform Manifold Approximation and Projection

PRESENTER: Sadia shakil
Board LLL47 | 340.19


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